Postcards to Myself

This journal will be taken apart later and turned into postcards. You’ll use one page per person, though you’re welcome to pass the journal around among your friends and family before sending it on. On one side, address the page to yourself and decorate it how you like. On the other side, write a letter to your future self and decorate it how you like. This idea is borrowed, in a way, from, where you can send emails to your future self. Once this book is full, I will take the pages and send them to you. There are two catches, though: first, this is not private like an email to your future self would be. Obviously, later moochers of the journal will read what you write to yourself. Second, I don’t know how long it’ll take this journal to get around and back to me, so I don’t know if you should write to yourself in two months or yourself in five years.

When this journal is full, please return it to me. My email address is

– Dewey

Unfortunately this journal has been retained by an inactive moocher and so far all attempts to recover it have failed.


In this journal, add your drawings, photos, collages, etc. of leaves or leafy things. When it’s finished, please return it to me. My email address is It’s to be a gift for a nature-loving artist friend. But please don’t pass up this journal because you don’t consider yourself an artist! Amateurs and even Bookmoochers’ children are welcome to add to this journal.

– Dewey

This journal has been returned to its creator.

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Add a haiku! You remember the pattern: three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. You can also do variations on the haiku. Please feel free to decorate your page(s) in any way you like. When the journal is full, please contact to return it.

– Dewey


This Bookmooch Journal is for those who wish to share their blogging experience. Using text, images, or whatever suits you, illustrate your blogging experience in whatever way seems right. Please include your blog url on any page(s) of the journal you use. Please return the journal to me when it’s finished. My email address is dewpie at gmail.

– Dewey

This journal was lost in the post to the first requestor.

Any One Topic

This idea is borrowed from the “What One Book?” feature in Bookmarks magazine. Just choose one topic that matters to you and list as many books as you can think of to recommend on that topic. Illustrate your list in whatever way you find suitable. Please return the journal to me when it’s finished. My email address is


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It’s All in the Cards

Spade, Club, Heart, Diamond.
Red, Black.
King, Queen, Jack, Ace.

Art, mischief and mayhem based on the designs and traditions of playing cards.

– Suzi (k00kaburra)

Say ANYTHING about John Cusack

A bookmooch journal, dedicated to photos, memories, about John Cusack and his movies. Your thoughts, your favorite movies, lines from movies, feel free to use VHS cases to do altered art. I would like to show this to my kids so keep it clean. You can feel free to decorate the front and back cover. Please limit yourself to 2 pages. Please return to 8izenuff when it is full. Please don’t alter others work. Altered art welcomed. Scrapbookers welcomed.


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Awesome 80s

Do you miss the awesome 80s? Take some time to relive and journal, Photos, of you or others, with the big hair and fun clothes encouraged. Not looking for artist rendering,or orginal poetry, but more a scrapbook style about your 80s experiences. Really do NOT want to hear about your sex or drug experiences, thank you. I want to be able to show it to my kids. Scrapbookers welcomed. Talk about, your favorite songs, musics, bands TV shows, clothes, movies, books, Hair. What were you doing in the 80s, what did you hope to be doing in 2008? Please limit yourself to 2 pages.

Please send it back to me 8izenuff or AZmom875. Feel free to decorate the front and back covers. Please don’t alter any one’s artwork.


This journal is complete and has been returned to its creator.

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Stained Steel Sparrow Fists – Baby Fright

A journal to be filled with whatever you remember of your first fear in life. It could be a bad dream you had when you were two, that time the car caught on fire when you were three and your mom couldn’t get the car-seat to unbuckle, the snowstorm that everyone else said was so pretty but made you feel like you were suffocating, the swimming lesson you took way too early in life, your first bite into an ice cube. The only criterion is that it be your first memory of fear. But “fear” can be interpreted however you want. Drawings, stories, collages, what-have-you.

– Will

This journal went to its first moocher and then? I am attempting to recover it.

The Ultimate Shopping List

Oh, my! The fridge is empty! The cupboards are bare! The wardrobes are wanting and the linens are worn!

Hey, we all need things from time to time, right? So here’s the deal – we’re making the ultimate shopping list. The rules are simple – add an item to the list, give that item an illustration, then send the journal on its way within two weeks.

That’s it! So have fun! Stay safe! Stay sane! And don’t forget – you’re out of toilet paper.

– Em


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