I Love the 80s

Didn’t you just LOVE the 80s? Big hair. Flashdance. The cartoons and music. What a fun decade. This journal is dedicated to anything 80s. Take a few pages and tell us your favorite part of the 80s. No repast please (ie if I write about Rainbow Brite write about something else).

Standard journaling rules apply. Relist here and log in Bookcrossing if ya could 🙂

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Awesome 80s

Do you miss the awesome 80s? Take some time to relive and journal, Photos, of you or others, with the big hair and fun clothes encouraged. Not looking for artist rendering,or orginal poetry, but more a scrapbook style about your 80s experiences. Really do NOT want to hear about your sex or drug experiences, thank you. I want to be able to show it to my kids. Scrapbookers welcomed. Talk about, your favorite songs, musics, bands TV shows, clothes, movies, books, Hair. What were you doing in the 80s, what did you hope to be doing in 2008? Please limit yourself to 2 pages.

Please send it back to me 8izenuff or AZmom875. Feel free to decorate the front and back covers. Please don’t alter any one’s artwork.


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