Awesome 80s

Do you miss the awesome 80s? Take some time to relive and journal, Photos, of you or others, with the big hair and fun clothes encouraged. Not looking for artist rendering,or orginal poetry, but more a scrapbook style about your 80s experiences. Really do NOT want to hear about your sex or drug experiences, thank you. I want to be able to show it to my kids. Scrapbookers welcomed. Talk about, your favorite songs, musics, bands TV shows, clothes, movies, books, Hair. What were you doing in the 80s, what did you hope to be doing in 2008? Please limit yourself to 2 pages.

Please send it back to me 8izenuff or AZmom875. Feel free to decorate the front and back covers. Please don’t alter any one’s artwork.


This journal is complete and has been returned to its creator.

More images:

2 Responses

  1. I love the rubics cube charm. Thanks to everyone who has worked on this.

    • This was the first BMjournal that I have received that was almost full! I sent it on for one last entry (11/2010) and then it should be back to Heather. This was an AWESOME journal. Kudos to Heather for starting it.

      Heather, you should have it back by now… Post the completed pictures soon!



      P.S. It sure looked different when it came into and left my hands!

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