I don’t know these people! Scrapbooking Unknown loved ones

This is a great project for those who love altered art or scrapbooking. Have you ever found an old photo in a used book? or elsewhere? Maybe you found photos while cleaning up an estate. Do you have a photo of people that you dont know who they are? (and WHY do you still have them, really?) Tell us where you got the photo, guess who they are, make up names and a life story. Please only one Photo/story per moocher, your may use two adjacent pages only. Then pass it on in the two week time frame. Altering other moochers pages is acceptable if room provides. Please don’t be destructive, but instead creative as you add to their stories. Altering other photos or stories needs to be in good taste. Other moochers can reserve the right to not have their pages altered. A Note of DNA = Do Not Alter, must be on the page somewhere, if you don’t want anyone adding to your story or page. Please keep it rated pg-13, I would like to share it with my kids. Please free to decorate the front and back covers. and please add a fiber, yarn, ribbon, or lacy to the spiral binding. Relist on this page only, and return to 8izenuff azmom875 at yahoo.com

8izenuff and azmom875

This journal  has now been recovered by a persistent journaller and will shortly be back in circulation.

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Mi Casa es Su Casa

My house is your house. Come in. Sit down. What will you drink? Home sweet home. Share your thoughts, images and art as it relates to the place you call home. Your childhood home, the place you live now, where you’d like to live.

This is an altered book that started life as a Childcraft Encyclopedia. Use the words and images in the book or cover them up. Be creative. Think outside the box. Use a few pages or a lot. Draw, paint, collage, stamp, color. Text is okay, too.

Please only keep the journal for 2 weeks before you pass it to another BookMoocher. Please do not destroy, change, or remove someone else’s work.

After you are done adding your art, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it and add to it. When it is full, please contact me via email to arrange for the journey home.


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