Postcards to Myself

This journal will be taken apart later and turned into postcards. You’ll use one page per person, though you’re welcome to pass the journal around among your friends and family before sending it on. On one side, address the page to yourself and decorate it how you like. On the other side, write a letter to your future self and decorate it how you like. This idea is borrowed, in a way, from, where you can send emails to your future self. Once this book is full, I will take the pages and send them to you. There are two catches, though: first, this is not private like an email to your future self would be. Obviously, later moochers of the journal will read what you write to yourself. Second, I don’t know how long it’ll take this journal to get around and back to me, so I don’t know if you should write to yourself in two months or yourself in five years.

When this journal is full, please return it to me. My email address is

– Dewey

Unfortunately this journal has been retained by an inactive moocher and so far all attempts to recover it have failed.

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