Cats and Kittens Funny Stories of the Furball in Your Life

Include pictures, stories, poems, collages…


Your Favorite Feline

Do you have a favorite feline? This is a calendar book with beautiful pictures of cats. I’d love to keep those pictures intact and would love for you to add pictures of your own kitties or art work on the calendar/word pages. Feel free to write or add anything, just please respect the work of others.
When full, please return to Jenny, jfit.


Our Animal Companions: What ARE They Thinking?

I think the title speaks for itself. This is a new idea for a journal I’m trying out; it’s a 2008-2009 mini-planner.



This is a beautiful “blank” book with quotations about cats in green and drawings of cats in sepia on every page, which I’d like to preserve. I invite you to write about your favorite cat, cat encounter, cat experience, cat myth, cat anecdote, etc. Please turn it around within the usual two weeks, and return it to NovelCat when full. Enjoy!


Returned to creator, whose account is now closed.


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Cats do the Darnedest Things

Have a special moment to share of your pet doing something amazing, normal or just cute? Have a story you would like to share about some of the magic your cat or kitten exhibits? Have you drawn a picture of one of those moments or written a poem?

Share some of these magic cat moments with your friends at BM. International mooches welcome here 🙂 Please take no more than two weeks for your creative time and pass the journal on promptly.

When the journal is complete, please email: or message BM ID ArtsyAngel2007.

Have fun, create and share some of your pet’s special moments 🙂


This journal appears never to have been sent out due to the owner having a bad accident. Her account has been closed.

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Please add Kitty Art and pass it on. I will start with my two – Princess and Spookers. If you love cats, please mooch!


Cool for Cats

All about cats. This journal is for Bookmoochers to share pictures and artwork of their pet cats, but non-owners are certainly welcome to mooch and add their cat-related artwork.


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and as stills:

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Say WOOF! Poems By and About Our Pets

One of my favorite books is Unleashed: Poems by Writer’s Dogs, edited by Amy Hempel and Jim Shepard. I see there are a couple of pet-oriented journals circulating, and I wonder if my own pets, and maybe yours, would like to get in on the act. I know my current dog at least likes the TASTE of books. I’ve started the journal with a poem my husband wrote for our dog, “A Poem for Our Dog of Little Brain.”