Your Dearest Doggies

Doggies add so much to life! Do you have a dog in your life that you’d like to share? We’d love to see his/her picture and hear their stories!! Just please don’t write or draw over the work of others. When book is full, please return to Jenny, jfit.

Our Animal Companions: What ARE They Thinking?

I think the title speaks for itself. This is a new idea for a journal I’m trying out; it’s a 2008-2009 mini-planner.


Say WOOF! Poems By and About Our Pets

One of my favorite books is Unleashed: Poems by Writer’s Dogs, edited by Amy Hempel and Jim Shepard. I see there are a couple of pet-oriented journals circulating, and I wonder if my own pets, and maybe yours, would like to get in on the act. I know my current dog at least likes the TASTE of books. I’ve started the journal with a poem my husband wrote for our dog, “A Poem for Our Dog of Little Brain.”


Why We Love Dogs

This is a BookMooch Journal whose theme is dogs. You have the creative freedom to express your love of dogs in any way you choose, be it though stories, photo’s, art, scrapbooking… This is an altered book so work through it however you are inspired, you can work around the white space or over existing photos.

This book is intended to be a birthday gift…so please stick to this rule: WHOEVER HAS THIS BOOK ON November 1, 2007 must complete their entry and send it to this address:

If the book has yet to be completed by Nov 1, i will re-post it after her birthday so that everyone can continue to mooch it until it is full.


This journal has been returned to its creator.

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This journal has been gifted by the creator and so is no longer available to mooch.