Cats and Kittens Funny Stories of the Furball in Your Life

Include pictures, stories, poems, collages…


Cats do the Darnedest Things

Have a special moment to share of your pet doing something amazing, normal or just cute? Have a story you would like to share about some of the magic your cat or kitten exhibits? Have you drawn a picture of one of those moments or written a poem?

Share some of these magic cat moments with your friends at BM. International mooches welcome here 🙂 Please take no more than two weeks for your creative time and pass the journal on promptly.

When the journal is complete, please email: or message BM ID ArtsyAngel2007.

Have fun, create and share some of your pet’s special moments 🙂


This journal appears never to have been sent out due to the owner having a bad accident. Her account has been closed.