My Favorite Muppet, Vol. 1

Ah, Muppets. They’re soft and furry and some of them have beaks. They make you laugh. Some of us even grew up with them. First on Sesame Street, the on The Muppet Show on televsion, until finally on the big screen. Who is your favorite Muppet?

This is an altered book that started life as a Golden Book called Grover Sleeps Over. Use the words and images in the book or cover them up. Be creative. Think outside the box. Draw, paint, collage, stamp, color. Text is okay, too. Because there are only 14 pages in this book, I’d like to ask that each journaler add not more than 2 spreads.

Please only keep the journal for 2 weeks before you pass it to another BookMoocher. Please do not destroy, change, or remove someone else’s work.

After you are done adding your art, please put the journal back into this same page I’ve created for it here at BookMooch so someone else can mooch it and add to it. When it is full, please contact me via email to arrange for the journey home.


More images:

Pg 1

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