This journal is based on the website On the site, people send anonymous postcards to the owner, telling secrets they would never reveal to anyone. So this journal works the same way: You write down and illustrate a secret of yours, and then you send the book along. Feel free to sign with your name, but you absolutely don’t have to – they are secrets after all.Take as many pages as you want, but don’t alter anyone else’s work. Relist and send the journal along as soon as possible after receiving it. When the book is full, please contact me (Hannah; BMid: hanhel) so that I can mooch it back from you.Reviews: Hannah (Israel) (2010/12/14):I threw in a few secrets from the website so that also the first few users secrets can stay anonymous.


Not sure why, but this journal never had the link attached to send journallers to its entry here, and now it appears to be retained by an inactive and unresponsive journaller.

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