Vampires, An Owner’s Manual

Illustrate, glamorize and wax poetic on your favorite vampire myth, legend or fact. Pick your vampire from anywhere in the world, and spin us a yarn in pictures and/or words. An “Idiot’s Guide” to being a vampire, if you will. 😀

This is a hardcover notebook.


This journal was marked as either lost in the post or the (now long inactive) moocher never marked it as received.

Unread Love Letter

This BMJournal is for everyone who gets it to write a love letter that their significant other will never read! Feel free to vent! Everyone gets it for two weeks, send it anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to decorate, add a picture, and basically do whatever! When it’s ful please send it to Sarah Grunder.



More images:

Coffee Drink Time

A booklet produced by a coffee company for us to alter on the topic of Coffee & coffee drinks.


The Traveling Journal of Travel Tips

This is a journal is intended to become a forum for travelers on BookMooch to share tips, the dos and don’ts, about places they have traveled. Share your tips about travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, food, museums, attractions, must-sees and places to avoid. Anything at all! The destination can be near, your hometown, or far. Feel free to leave one tip or to add multiple tips about multiple places.

You can even pose questions about certain places for future journalists to answer. I will scan the pages of this journal when it is completed and post them on the internet for those interested.

*Although not required, photos are always fun.*

Please be respectful of the two week time limit and other entries (do not alter or cover them).


A BookMooch Story, Book 5

What will this be? A Mystery? A Romance? A Fantasy? This is a collaborative work of fiction by the BookMooch Journalers. Read what has previously been written. Add to the story. Then re-list it and pass it on. Please only keep the book for a maximum of 2 weeks. I understand that real life takes priority, but please pass it on and re-mooch it later if you cannot complete in that length of time so others can enjoy.

When the journal is full, re-list it and mark it reserved for me (BM ID: tatianamik) and I’ll mooch it back. The ISBN ID for re-listing the book will be on a sticker on the inside cover.

This book will be copyrighted und er Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution. See for details.

A member whose account is on hold received this journal in 2009. There has been no response to my emails asking for it to be sent onwards.