Pineapple Indigestion Nocturnal King

Add to this fictitious story of the King who loved Pineapples.

It begins…”Once there was a nocturnal King with bad indigestion and he loved pineapples so he told his servant, “You there, make pineapple soup…”

and continues on with your creative genius. Write and alter to your heart’s desire, but do not change other people’s pages. Follow Book Mooch Journal Project guidelines and repost within two weeks.

Scan and send jpegs of your entries and I’ll post on my blog at

When complete post and I’ll mooch it back to retire it, or send to me.

– Joy Found / Lauri Jean Crowe


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A BookMooch Story, Book 5

What will this be? A Mystery? A Romance? A Fantasy? This is a collaborative work of fiction by the BookMooch Journalers. Read what has previously been written. Add to the story. Then re-list it and pass it on. Please only keep the book for a maximum of 2 weeks. I understand that real life takes priority, but please pass it on and re-mooch it later if you cannot complete in that length of time so others can enjoy.

When the journal is full, re-list it and mark it reserved for me (BM ID: tatianamik) and I’ll mooch it back. The ISBN ID for re-listing the book will be on a sticker on the inside cover.

This book will be copyrighted und er Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution. See for details.

A member whose account is on hold received this journal in 2009. There has been no response to my emails asking for it to be sent onwards.

A BookMooch Story

The purpose of this traveling journal is to write a fictional story. You can add illustration if you like. Once the journal is done I plan to make it available as a print on demand book. This will be under Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Unported Pick up the book, read what has been written already and add what you would like. Relist the book back on BookMooch within 2 weeks and send it on to the next Moocher. Let TatianaMik know when the book is full and I’ll mooch it back from you.


This journal was mooched in 2008. Personal stuff intervened and it seems now to be mislaid.