This journal is focused on the theme of fatherhood. Contribute your memories, thoughts, suggestions, advice, stories, anecdotes, or random musings about your father, about being a father, or the experience of fatherliness generally.

Please use no more than two pages, since this is a short journal (I’m hoping to have it back in time to begin my own fatherhood journey). Please do not keep it longer than a couple weeks, then send it on. When the journal is full please contact me and I will mooch is back from you.

Thank you!


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101 Ways To Be A Great Mom

101 Ways To Be A Great Mom is a book just aching to be altered. Add your creative genius to this BMJournal.

Some quick guiding lights:
1. When you are done, relist using this same Book Mooch BMJournal listing.
2. Do not alter other people’s pages including the cover.
3. Absolutely have fun with this, use any media you like to alter the book.
4. Scan your entries and upload them to http://www.bookmoochjournals.com.
5. Pop me an email through Book Mooch with your contact/mailing info. for a thank you surprise. Book Mooch id is: ljcrowefamily

When the book is full, or if you are otherwise confused about what to do with it after adding your entry, please return to me.

-Lauri Jean Crowe

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Reflections on Parenting

A journal for anyone who wants to share their reflections on parenting. Feel free to add your poems, jokes, artwork, and stories. As we all know, parenting has it’s moments of pride, it’s moments of “pull-your-hair-out insanity”, and even it’s moments of sadness; I want to hear about all of it. Please add your BookMooch ID, the date and time of your entry, and your real name (if you wish) to your page. When you’re done, relist it so that others can add to it.

When the journal is finished, please contact me on my BookMooch account: biwasaki Thanks!


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As a new mother of a 2 month old I would like the topic of this pass along journal to be about parenting. Feel free to add your advice, tips, stories or whatever you would like about parenting. When you are finished pass it on to another BookMooch member so they can add their two cents.

When the book is full and complete, please send it home to me. You can contact me through my BookMooch ID of mspeegle.


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