This journal is focused on the theme of fatherhood. Contribute your memories, thoughts, suggestions, advice, stories, anecdotes, or random musings about your father, about being a father, or the experience of fatherliness generally.

Please use no more than two pages, since this is a short journal (I’m hoping to have it back in time to begin my own fatherhood journey). Please do not keep it longer than a couple weeks, then send it on. When the journal is full please contact me and I will mooch is back from you.

Thank you!


This journal has returned to its creator.

One Response

  1. What has happened to this journal? John has mailed me to say as it was not mooched he withdrew it, but has since relisted it, so it appears under another number, and is available.
    New listing at
    However it appears that that number is an erroneous duplicate listing and under neither number is it travelling. It was withdrawn by its creator.

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