101 Ways To Be A Great Mom

101 Ways To Be A Great Mom is a book just aching to be altered. Add your creative genius to this BMJournal.

Some quick guiding lights:
1. When you are done, relist using this same Book Mooch BMJournal listing.
2. Do not alter other people’s pages including the cover.
3. Absolutely have fun with this, use any media you like to alter the book.
4. Scan your entries and upload them to http://www.bookmoochjournals.com.
5. Pop me an email through Book Mooch with your contact/mailing info. for a thank you surprise. Book Mooch id is: ljcrowefamily

When the book is full, or if you are otherwise confused about what to do with it after adding your entry, please return to me.

-Lauri Jean Crowe

This journal appears not to be travelling or may have been returned to its creator.


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