BMJournal Babies and Babyhood

We’re new parents (our little girl is nine weeks old as I put together this journal), and as new journallers too I was surprised to find there wasn’t already a BMJournal on the topic. We’ve all been babies, after all, and most of us have occasionally come across them since then as well, as siblings, parents, other relatives, family friends, professionals, neighbours, or even just fellow commuters!

So, thoughts, memories, advice, pictures or however inspiration strikes are all requested and welcomed. I’ve pulled out half the pages in this, that were parenting advice from Huggies (this notebook was practically the only thing in our ‘goodie pack’ from a bunch of baby goods companies that we kept) in Hebrew), leaving just 24 pages to be filled in, so I’m hoping this will be a fairly quick journal to complete and come home (to Kate in Israel/kaec). Feel free to take up more than one page, but please don’t alter the work of others.
Please pass the journal on, making your entry within two weeks and posting on promptly. You can advertise its availability on the BookMooch Journals forum:

and it is worth looking at both:

The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works:

the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling: (go to Bookmooch and enter this URL)

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