Paper Dolls

BMJournal: Paper Dolls
Remember when…
Things that were fun didn’t cost a bunch of money?
Remember when…
Cutting out outfits for dolls was fun?
This is a journal that will be a gift for some extra special girls.
Every other page contains a pocket to place a ‘paper doll’ in,
it can be an Animal, a ‘people’ or an outfit that fits someone
Else’s paper doll. The pocket page as well as the
Page opposite it needs to be decorated, draw A fairy tale castle,
a story, a poem, or any other Item that has to do with paper dolls.
Do not change someone else’s work, relist within two weeks!
The girls Range in age from 1 year to 12 so age appropriate is
Recommended. Use as many pages/pockets as you wish
And have fun!
At anytime reserve for janieokie1 and she will mooch it back.