I share my birthday with…

The BBC Wales website is my homepage. When I started the computer up today one of the articles featured was an obituary for the musician Gerry Rafferty. His “Baker Street” has always been a favourite of mine, with its haunting saxophone melody. It gave me a bit of a jolt, as he was born two years later than me, and we shared a birthday of which I had no idea.It gave me the idea for a new journal: “I share my birthday with…” I hope you enjoy making an entry in it! Take as much space as you wish, journals take a long time to be completed, and I am happy for you to be expansive!Please circulate it promptly – two weeks is the recommended time for keeping a journal and should be adequate in all but emergency situations. Please don’t stall, keep or lose journal, journal creators invest time and money in them. Advertise your journals on the forum to keep them moving, and if you can not send abroad find an angel prepared to do so for you.Read and use these three url, and make sure the person requesing from you understands what a journal is and what the rules of journalling are – mooching ‘accidentally’  is how many journals go missing!
The BookMooch Journal Project site page (how journalling works):

the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling (watch the wrap):


and BookMooch Journals forum:


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This journal was lost in the post. I will recreate it when I get a minute!