The World’s a Beer Label

I have a Macke — a habit, a problem, an obsession. I collect beer labels from beers I’ve never collected from before or whatever I have when traveling. Therefore, I ask you, Moocher, to add your label to the collection. Your entry should include a short description, possibly a description of time and place. Maybe a dissertation on the beer that was once behind the label. All I request is the label and something from you: a picture, words, a story. You’re the journalers.
You could even write about the trip that led you to that beer label. Or maybe pronounce on your hometown’s beer and its label.
Overall, good luck, good mooching. And:When this journal is complete please reserve it for me (and notify me) (userID: wheelerc) and I will mooch it back from you. If you are unable to complete the journal within time or have any issues with it please contact me and I’ll mooch it back again.


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