A Drama Teacher’s Handbook

When complete, I would love to gift this to a close friend and fellow Education major as a book of inspiration and fun thoughts.
She’s a future Theater Arts teacher (1 year away as of 2010!) who adores Shakespeare, and her interests are many and varied. Feel free to incorporate one or more of the following themes: cats, art, animals, mythical beasts, costuming/costume design, comics, Harry Potter, wolves, fencing, Victorian and Renaissance fashion, crafting, Celtic art/culture, pirates, interesting hats, ancient weaponry, cars, cooking, tea, and computer/video games.

All additions are welcome – photos, art, writing, collage, or any other response you can think of! Use one page or several, but I have three requests:
1) Please respect the other art, and don’t alter other works.2) Please re-list the journal within two weeks of receiving it.3) Please mark your page(s) with your Name/BM ID and/or where you’re from 🙂
My Bookmooch ID is: PeppermintKiwi
Unfortunately this journal has been kept by an inactive moocher and all attempts to recover it so far have failed.

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