The Little Notepad of Things To Do Instead of Work

I’m sure everyone knows this situation: You meant to work/study/clean the house but you purposefully distract yourself with other little things that could really wait until later but are simply much more fun than your chores and duties.What do you do instead of working? This little notepad is waiting to be filled with your favourite distractions. Tell us all about what you do, why you do it, and how long it takes you before you get around to doing what you actually need to do. Use as many pages and be as artistic as you want, just don’t alter anyone else’s work.
I suggest you relist this journal on your inventory immediately after marking it received (since you’ll already be on Bookmooch anyway :)) – this will make it available as soon as possible for other moochers, and remind you to make an entry. Don’t worry about time pressure – you can always tell a moocher that it will take you a little longer to send out their book.
When the book is full, please contact me (Hannah; BMID: hanhel), and I will mooch it back from you. If you are having trouble getting the book back out to someone, feel free to contact me as well, I will try to find a solution.


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