The Great Ancestor Project

The Great Ancestor project: Have a graveyard in your town? A secret grave that’s been lost in time? An unknown grave that needs to be remembered before it’s forgotten. This is the journal for you.Use as many or few pages as you need, include facts, pictures, a legend about the burial site, and any other fact that should not be forgot. Include also the site of burial, where in the world we would find the grave.Please RELIST the journal within 2 weeks of receiving it. IF you do not send anywhere in the world please make an exception and send this one on. When the journal is full reserve it for janieokie1 and she will mooch it back.If the journal is in need of repair, send a message to jaineokie1 and she will mooch it back for repairs:The front and back covers have been left bare for persons wishing to add a little something from their town.Have fun, and thank you for your records.



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