A perfect breakfast.

What is your idea of a perfect breakfast?

I found this little book that Mark had made and my mind went back to the weekend we spent in Paris for our 25th wedding anniversary in April 2000.  We always went out for breakfast, and found a small café where we could breakfast on coffee and croissants with chocolate or jam. It is not a breakfast I would have at home, but was perfect in the spring sunshine.
Your perfect breakfast may be a particular cereal, Scots porage or a good fry-up, or it may involve, as mine does, a particular place, and company to share it with.
Share yours with us journallers!
Please keep to the normal two weeks for making your entry and relisting this journal with the number on the inside front cover. Please keep the track of its progress by always mooching normally – if you wish to give someone points back for an unavoidable delay or some personal reason, get them to mooch it as usual and then return points. That way it can be traced through its mooch history.
If you have not seen the places where journalling is described and its rules laid out please look at:

The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works: https://bookmoochjournals.com/about/
the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:

http://wiki.bookmooch.com/ index.php?title= The_BookMooch_Journal_Project

and BookMooch Journals forum:  http://bookmooch.com/m/forum/bookmooch_journals/
Happy journalling!

Gill T. tennantfamily


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