Animal-Human Connections

I know there are already BM Journals out there about animals/pets, but I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile, to ultimately reside back here with me. Basically this journal is about any and all animals that you’ve had in your life, whether they were actually pets, a neighbor’s pet that you played with, a horse that you rode at the nearby stables, or even a wounded bird you helped heal. Tell me the stories! Share the pictures! And please re-enter the book into the same entry when you are finished, so others can do the same. And, of course, please do not do anything to alter/cover/mark anyone else’s entries.

(Also a little heads-up, this journal has sorta thin pages, so it may be a good idea to strengthen your entry’s pages by covering them with construction paper or something.)

And of course, when this journal is full please return it to me (Heather19)


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