Raising Teenagers

This a journal about raising teenagers in this time and era. Maybe you have a story to tell.Or a word of encouragement.

Would love to pass a round this book so everyone can add a story or a helpline. Be a teen is tough. We need to learn how to steer them in a right direction with out hurt or making them feel they are alone in this big world.

I thought this book can help someone are maybe have a story that relate to a teen. It is a tough world out there when you feel you are alone. It will be a great insight into to their world and their veiws. We need to stop a listen.


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  1. Hi Katie, This is a Bookmooch journal. You have to join Bookmooch (free membership) and request a journal once you have read the journalling rules and guidelines if you are interested to participate, just say so and I’ll send you details by email.

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