Lovely Laura’s Mini Mooch Free-For-All

This is my first BM Journal and sort of a dry run – it’s a tiny little book (pages are about 8.5 X 6.5cm), therefore very cheap to post! There is no theme as such, but your art/writing will no doubt be influenced by the size of the pages and the following rules: your contribution must take up ONE PAGE ONLY, and must be on only one side of the paper – no double pages. You can sign your work, or remain anonymous; you can keep the book for longer than two weeks if some of your friends or family want to add a page of their own; you can add anything, from a simple sketch or quote to a long(ish) poem or an elaborate artwork! If I receive it back in one piece, completed, I’ll add some bigger, themed journals.

And please, if you add anything of an adult nature, add a review stating this, so as not to offend any future moochers.


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