The Trip I Never Took

I’ve been a lot of places, but here is a trip I never took. This is a Frommer’s Travel Planner Journal. I bought it at Savers, to plan a trip to Washington DC for the summer of 2007. The trip was canceled. You can read about it and see my notes. I wrote all over the maps for this project, not as part of the trip planning, you can too, use a different ink pen/color than mine. The front pocket has some items, use them as you will. ADD something new. Place your business card in the back or alter a fake credit card, I did. Relabel the tabs, list the states and places you have been. Tell us about your USA or abroad travels. Tell about the trip you never took, or one you want to take. Add a postcard or take a postcard for any reason, any state. Cut up a map and paste. Have fun. Dont alter others work. The front maps and cover are the free zone. Please add a yarn, ribbon or fiber to the elastic strap that keeps it closed.
Pleas return finished book to 8izenuff when you are finished. Please only keep two weeks, dont mooch it if you are too busy. ISBN is TRIPNEVERTOOK Relist it so others can have a turn.

– 8izenuff

This journal was marked lost in the post in  2009 but appears to have resurfaced.

Favorite road trips

I started this journal for everyone to record their favorite places, moments, etc of roadtrips they’ve been on. Use as many pages as you like. Use pictures, art, stories, anything you like as long as it’s about or happened on a road trip. If anyone out there puts something rated X in it, please include that in the condition notes. Not that I would mind a little more excitement in my life. hehe


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