The best days of your life…

I notice on Facebook how important are their sororities and frat houses to American college students and how many retain the friends made there for the rest of their lives. For others, school days may hold rose-tinted memories, or childhood sumer holidays, family Christmases, harvest homes on the farm, Thanksgiving get-togethers ~ days of community and belonging.
Some people prefer the solitude of the wilderness and their own company, days to be oneself and please oneself without the constraints of friends or relations.
What are the stand-out golden days in your memory? Share them with us. Enjoy reading about those of other journalers from other places and cultures.
Share the journal, too, with others unselfishly, putting it back in your inventory under the number printed opposite within two weeks of receipt, and either sending off promptly to the next requester, or being prepared to find an angel who understands Bookmooch journal ‘etiquette’ and will send it under its listed number on your behalf.
If the number is changed all the journal links here are broken and it will almost certainly be lost. see
Enjoy journalling and help others enjoy it too!
The journal can be returned to me for repairs or additional pages. When complete I’ll mooch it back, and upload the pictures as a slideshow. If it stalls with you contact your local bmjl shelf and ask the shelfholder to mooch it from you!

Gill T. tennantfamily

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