The Little Book of the 1960s

What do you remember most about the 1960s? What were your doing during that era? Let’s reminisce together about that time. All pictures, stories, drawings and photos are welcome.
Use as many pages as you need but don’t alter any one elses work.
Please make your entry and relist within two weeks. If you don’t mind relisting when you receive the journal (in order to speed the process up) please do.
PLEASE RELIST ONLY ON BOOKMOOCH and notify me when book is full.

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Dance the night away

I was surprised to find there was not a journal primarily about dance, so I decided to create one. When I was running the Bookmooch charity for our Philippine members who had lost books and possessions in Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) there was one child who asked her mother for books about dancing. Chesca is very young still but loves dancing. This journal is for her and will be sent to her when complete.
Please make your entry about dance, ballet, hip hop, folk dancing – whatever style of dance you love.
When you have made your entry please relist within two weeks of receipt under the number given opposite. Let the journal travel anywhere but make sure you know the person requesting it is aware of the rules of journalling.
To facilitate posting I make journals with a minimum of pages and can add more and rebind and repair as necessary. Contact me through Bookmooch.
If the journal remains in your inventory more than three months please contact the shelf of the library charity (bmjl) listed as covering your area in the bmjl bio, and it will be mooched by the library.

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