Now You Live in Japan* or would like to…or at least like Japanese stuff a lot

This journal is a book I’m repurposing into a journal. I mooched it awhile back on a major overseas mooching binge as I thought it might be interesting. Boy, was I wrong. It reads like a stereo tech manual. So, if you like anything about Japan or the Japanese please add your stories, drawing and pictures to this journal. You can work with what’s in here but I don’t think you’ll have much luck with that. Plan on having to paste over the existing pages.
The original book had some slight water damage and someone used a highlighter and made notes which can be covered up and aren’t the work of a previous journaler or my work. I would like to leave the index unaltered, to be edited by me when the rest of the journal is done so I have marked it off with some sticky notes.
Use as many pages as you need but don’t alter any one elses work.
Please make your entry and relist within two weeks. If you don’t mind relisting when you receive the journal (in order to speed the process up) please do.

PLEASE RELIST ONLY ON BOOKMOOCH and notify me when book is full.

If you haven’t read the rules and information on journaling yet, please visit this URL.


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Wales is said to be the castle capital of the world, with about 400 castles, of which over 100 are still standing, either as ruins or as restored buildings. The rest have returned to nature, and today consist of ditches, mounds and earthworks, often in commanding positions.

This journal is for your favourite castles, wherever they are. Write, draw, use pictures and photos to tell us about them.

You can use as many pages as you wish. I make my journals with a minumum of pages initially to keep postage costs down, but can repair, rebind and add pages as needed. Contact me through Bookmooch.
Please relist within two weeks of receipt and check the requester understands the rules too. When full I will mooch it back. Enjoy journalling and encourage others to as well.

Gill T. Cymru/Wales BMid:tennantfamily:U.K.