Big or small. Simple or complex. With or without chocolate. This is a journal to share your favorite cookie recipes with fellow moochers.

Furthermore you can comment an already shared recipe. (Do you know that recipe? Did you try one of the recipes? Was it good? Do tell!) You can also suggest a tip or your own version of a shared recipe. But do this by referring to the recipe’s name or page number, don’t alter or change the recipe itself.

Personally I have a love-hate relationship with cookies: I love to eat them, and I even love to bake them. That is, I love to bake the two kinds of cookies I know how to bake. And that leads to the hate part of my relationship: I hate that I don’t know more good recipes.

So please help me (and maybe others with the same problem) and share your tried and trusted cookie recipes.

• Share as many or as few recipes as you like.
• Don’t alter or change other recipes – though you can tell your own version or some tip of a recipe already shared by referring to it by name and/or page number.
• Repost to within 2 weeks.
• When the journal is full, please contact me and I’ll mooch the journal from you.

Tessa (BMid: teresasa)

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