Flowers of meadow and vale

I spent a year in Hereford with two maiden aunts in 1950, when I was recovering from a serious operation. These kind elderly ladies were both retired infant teachers, and our time was spent between reading and going for long walks in the surrounding meadows and countryside.
My memories are just of a warmth and pleasure that I had in my time with them. I came back with a reading age of 12 and a knowledge of wild flower names seldom drawn upon until we moved here to rural Ceredigion in late 1980.
Since then common flower names come to me unbidden when I encounter meadow flowers, and I am sure I have them to thank for that, and for my love of the countryside.
This journal is dedicated to the memory of two lovely ladies and their joy in wild meadow flowers.
Please add your own favourite meadow and other wild flowers. Keep for no longer than two weeks before re-listing, and do not delay seding when requested. A lot of time and effort goes into journals and it is sad when they are lost. Contact me with any queries.
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Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K.

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