Libraries of the World – World of the Libraries

Libraries have always been a big and important part of my life. I love to hear stories and see pictures of libraries around the world, and especially I like to hear why that library made an impact to that person.

So, I hope you to share your pictures, artwork, stories and memories of the libraries (academic, public, no matter) that have affected to your life in one way or another. You can tell about the library next door to you, where you’ve been hundreds of times; or maybe you’ll share your thoughts about a library you’ve visited only once but you never forget it; or perhaps it’s a library you’ve only seen pictures of or heard of. Whatever the case – I’d love to hear about the libraries in your life, and how they’ve influenced you.

• Use as many or as few pages of the journal as you need. Please include a date to your entry!
• Repost to within 2 weeks. Please be respectful of the other entries: don’t alter or cover them up.
• When the journal is full, please contact me and I’ll mooch the journal from you.

Tessa (BMid: teresasa)
Have fun!