Wonderful Fabulous Recipes I Love

This is a small photograph album that will hold a 4”x 6” photo or in this case a 4”x 6” copy of the WONDERFUL, FABULOUS RECIPE THAT YOU LOVE.

Feel free to add a picture of your favorite food or your family eating it. I think that would make it even more fun!I do cook & I have a lot of cookbooks, but I have found that the recipes that people use all the time and DON’T have written down are usually the best. I want the recipes that your family requests and would eat every week.Put your email addy in the back of the book and when the book is returned to me I will not only post the completed journal on the site, but I will email all the recipes to you.

Please be respectful of others. Don’t change or add or remove anyone’s entry. Leave email contact in case someone has a question about your recipe. If you feel up to it, share something about you…as little or as much as you want! It would be nice to put your name, state or country, date your work & use your bookmooch info. If you do Artist Trading Cards send one to me via my contact info in the book and I will gladly send you one of mine.
If you mooch this book you are stating that you are willing to ship it anywhere in the world. No matter what your settings are on BookMooch.
Please, when this book is full return it to me by listing it on bookmooch and I will mooch it back from you or just mail it to me when it is full. Thanks!
Cathy (aka Velcrodog)

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