My favourite smell

Do you love the aroma of coffee or the perfume of roses on the breeze? Does the smell of baking bread or new mown grass set your nostrils quivering? Tell us about your favourite smell however common or unusual. What do you think made the strong associations that the smell awakens?

Take as many or as few pages as you wish. Illustrate or add a poem. It’s up to you. Please add your name, BMid and the date, and relist the journal by its number within two weeks of receipt. Keep it circulating – add a note about its availability on the Bookmooch journal forum at:  

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Gill T. BMid: tennantfamily: U.K. February 2011

Tears of Joy

Do you have children? Neices? Nephews? Cousins? Or just simply love babies, toddlers or older ones? If so, tell us about the children in your life. 🙂 Provide pictures, stories, art, poems. Anything pertaining children, feel free to contribute.
Please keep in 2 week time frame and then let it free.
Please respect others work.
When full please contact me: BookActivist85

This journal appears never to have been issued.