Anything and Everything British

This journal is about anything and everything British, and is part of the ‘Anything and Everything’ series, created by BookMooch Journallers around the world. Take inspiration from the title to create, draw or write whatever you like, including art, pictures, writing, poetry etc. Use as many or few pages as you want, but please do not alter anyone else’s work.This is a pass along journal. By mooching this journal you are agreeing to add your entry and relist the journal on the original listing within two weeks.
If the journal is full or needs repair, please reserve it for me, Grace Hall (violabird), and I will mooch it back from you.

The slideshows that used to be on this site, are all being relocated to the individual journals’ pages on Bookmooch as fast as we can manage them! 
The slideshow for this journal will be added in the next few days (March 2012) and will be accessible by clicking the blue underlined link in the journal description above.