My favourite (sixth) sense.

This last of the six senses journals is for those other senses you have, whether that is muscular sense, telepathy, clairvoyance, spatial awareness… whatever you feel is your predominant sixth sense.

Tell us about it, whether it has been a blessing or a curse. Take as many or as few pages as you wish. Illustrate or add a poem. It’s up to you.

Please add your name, BMid and the date, and relist the journal by its number within two weeks of receipt. Keep it circulating – add a note about its availability on the Bookmooch journal forum at:

Look at:The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works:

and the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:

Make sure the person requesting understands journalling too!
Gill T. BMid: tennantfamily: U.K. February 2011

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