My favourite taste.

Do your taste buds thrill when you eat a chilli pepper? Does honey make you melt? Or do you need a rare steak to make your mouth water? Whatever taste excites you, share it with us – the more unusual or unlikely the better!

Take as many or as few pages as you wish. Illustrate or add a poem. It’s up to you. Please add your name, BMid and the date, and relist the journal by its number within two weeks of receipt. Keep it circulating – add a note about its availability on the Bookmooch journal forum at:  

Look at:
The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works:

and the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:

Make sure the person requesting understands journalling too!

Gill T. BMid: tennantfamily: U.K. February 2011

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