Language of any stripe

Nations separated by a common language:

Playwright George Bernard Shaw is said to have claimed that

“England and America are two countries divided by a common language.”

For most of us, the differences between American and British English are amusing but of no real consequence, except to make us hesitate when we go travelling (or is it traveling?).
English is such a prevalent language. However there are subtle differences in the use of words. Growing up in London and travelling on the underground (tube) I met quite a number of American tourists and learned that lift became elevator, pavement was substituted by sidewalk etc.. I believe Jamaicans may use the word arm to describe the hand and the opportunities for misunderstandings and misapprehensions are enormous.

Tell us of yours, or those you have encountered. Whether they occurred in English or any other language with which you are familiar.

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Gill T. Cymru/Wales BMid: tennantfamily January 2011

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