Proverbs (blue)

I am starting 4 Proverbs Journals, (red, yellow, green, and blue). They will all be listed under the same name but the other three have a specific colour mentioned. This one is blue. It is listed simply as Proverbs. If you want a particular one please check with the name, or with the sender before mooching. I did this so that there would be less wish listed and more available to mooch.
A Black Hen Lays A White Egg

A Bird In The Hand is Worth Two In The Bush

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

Any Port In A Storm

Be creative, be artistic, add to one journal, or to all, have fun, relist within two weeks.

Please note on condition notes the color of the journal

Do NOT change anyone else’s work!


The other three are:
BmJournal: Proverbs~Yellow ISBN: BM1297029786122008998
BmJournal: Proverbs~Red ISBN: BM129702982345792097
BmJournal: Proverbs~Green ISBN: BM1297029731148145183

and on this site at:

BmJournal: Proverbs~Red

BMJournals: Proverbs~Green

BmJournal: Proverbs~Yellow

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  2. […] BmJournal: Proverbs (Blue) […]

  3. […] BmJournal: Proverbs (Blue) […]

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