Bird Book 2

This is a tiny booklet that fits in a standard envelope with one stamp. Each page has a bird silhouette ready for you to fill with your art or words or both. Do several pages if you are inspired to do so!

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This journal has been completed and returned to its creator.

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  1. Here are two fun little journals to bring out the artist and/or birdlover in you.

    Bird Book 1 Bookmooch Journal
    Bird Book 2 Bookmooch Journal

    These are a pair of small booklets (each page about double the size of a credit card), on each page of which is the outline of a bird. (I’m no expert, but the shape makes me think of the small garden birds commonly seen in the British Isles.) Journallers are invited to decorate a page (or more) using that outline. (Some participants have stuck their work over the top, if inspiration didn’t involve using the given outline.) It looks like the pair have so far travelled together, though they don’t need to.

    There’s been a lot of very creative work done on these already, particularly in multi-media, but there are still some blank pages too.

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