Happy Birthday, Teenager – A Devil’s World?

The first part of the title of this journal is taken from a notebook Mark made for Kieren, with a strange teenager birthday card stuck on the front. The second part is Kieren’s own ‘Working title’ written inside with an odd ripped paper heads, bodies, legs illustration he made. He also decorated the back cover with weird faces, but removed the pages he had used.

I hope people will add their own observations, nightmares, tips, bouquets and brickbats for the teenagers in their own lives. Kieren has a teenage step-daughter himself now and Adrian has a daughter in the last year of her teens, so perhaps the advice or reminiscences will be of interest to them when it is filled.

When full please mail me to mooch it back, or if it needs repairs meanwhile. Please keep to the journaling guidelines in red in my bio, and keep journals circulating by making an entry, relisting and sending promptly to moochers.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Unfortunately this journal seems to have been kept by an inactive moocher and all attempts to recover it so far have failed.

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