August – August for the people.

August is the eighth of a set of journals I am creating to celebrate the months of the year. These will be released month by month.
They are for anything to do with the month: why you like or dislike it, what it means to you, poems, books, artwork, music, songs, photographs, stories:- whatever you are inspired to do.
Put your entry wherever seems appropriate.
Don’t alter anyone else’s work.
Keep for no more than two weeks.
Relist promptly.
Be willing to send anywhere it is requested.
When the journal is complete please reserve it for me and I will mooch it back. If pages start to come loose let me know please, and I can mooch it back and remake the book and repair as necessary.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal appears to be stalled or lost.


Friends and photos.

This journal is all about friendship. It’s a small photo album with two sleeves on each page. One sleeve is for a photo and the other sleeve is for your story! Feel free to add any friend photo you’d like. Have fun, but don’t alter the entries of others. When full, please return to Jenny Stafford, jfit.

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 


Dusk, sunset, gloaming.

This journal celebrates all aspects of sundown. It follows on from the first journal: “Dawn, daybreak, sunrise” and the second “Day: morning, mid-day, afternoon”. Poetry, prose, art work, photos, stories, memories, facts…
Please make your entry wherever you please, and in whatever form you like.
Please read my journaling guidelines in my bio, and be willing to comply with them.
Make your entry within two weeks,
Re-list and re-send promptly, where-ever it is requested.
Notify me so I can mooch it back if it is completed, needs repairs or needs extra pages added.
I try to keep my journals light for economic posting, and can rebind with extra pages and binders as needed.
I add the weight to my condition notes, so if you think you can’t afford to resend it you know before requesting. This will need altering as extra material is added, please!


-Gill (tennantfamily)