Winnie the Pooh.

To be such a little bear, Winnie the Pooh packs a lot of fun and wisdom. Do you have a favorite character, book or passage? Share it with us in words or pictures. Feel free to use any medium you’d like, just don’t alter the work of others. When full, please return to Jenny Stafford, jfit.


When I’m sixty-four.

This Spring I shall stop being 64 and become 65, a few months later Mark will have his 64th birthday.
This journal is about hopes, ambitions, wishes, aspirations, and the perceptions of age. Please don’t take too long about making your entries, history is not on my side, the women in my family not having much life expectancy beyond my age, and Mark’s parents both also died early, although neither Mark nor I have any plan to lie down quietly and accept old age!
Please enjoy this journal. Use the pages as you wish, but leave the work of others unaltered please.
If the journal is sent promptly wherever requested there should be no problem with completing an entry and re-listing within two weeks.
If you find you can not do so please re-list, email me and I will arrange to return it to you point-free at a later date.
If it needs repair or extra pages added, contact me and send it back to me. I can rebind and add or repair as necessary. When it returns to me I will scan and upload images to the journal site, for all to see.

-Gill (tennantfamily)



Beachcombing is so much fun! I’m such a beach bum – every time I go, I pick up a bag full of shells, stones and whatever other beach goodies I can find. Sometimes they’re whole and sometimes in pieces, but always beautiful! Share your beachcombing stories, favorite finds or good picking spots in this pretty shell calendar book! You can use any medium you’d like, just don’t alter the work of others. I’d also like the color pictures in the middle of the book to remain as they are. When full, please return to Jenny Stafford, jfit!