The Little Book of Reducing and Reusing

We all have heard plenty about recycling, and most of us do recycle… but there is something more important to learn: reducing and reusing. Reusing can be creative and fun. This book (entirely made from “garbage”) is in itself my first idea about reusing. I’ll share a couple more in the first pages. Please share ways to give new life to old things. Feel free to add any idea or project, whether simple or complicated, with sketches, colors…, thoughts on reducing and reusing, etc.  Please don’t alter previous entries and drop me a line when the Journal is full (BM ID: beabook (beatrice, Italy)).
Thanks and enjoy!!


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Signs of Things to Come

A journal about the history, techniques and experiences of future prediction, from the Oracle at Delphi to Nostradamus through the psychic hot-lines of modern life.

Some questions to consider/answer as you prepare your pages:
– Do you believe the future can be predicted?
– What famous oracles from history interest you, and why? Introduce them to the rest of us!
– Have you ever consulted someone who claimed to be psychic? How did they practice their craft? What did they say? Were they accurate?
– Are you gifted with second sight? What techniques do you use? How did you discover your gift?


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