Flutter Your Wings [My Butterfly Spirit]

This BMJournal is dedicated to my older sister. When it is full I intend to give it to her.

Are you fascinated by butterflies? Disgusted by them? This journal is all about butterflies. You can provide information on different species of butterflies. Facts about butterflies. Provide art, collages, whatever floats your boat, as long as it’s in the subject manner.

Please do not keep no longer than 2 weeks and repost on this original page. Please respect others work. Happy Journaling!

When full please contact me and I will mooch the book back. BMid: Bookactivist85

This book was marked lost in the post.

Book of Lilith

Book of Lilith was created to honor Lilith with rituals, poetry, devotionals, prayers, art, remembrances, music, and praise of the Great Lady. If you add work that is not your own, please give credit to the author/artist/composer.

Please do not write anything derogatory/insulting to Lilith in this book nor alter other people’s entries. When the book is full, please contact Denalaura (Lilith, USA: AL) so that I may mooch it back.