Little of Nothing

This is a pass along journal for the members of With this journal you will find some paper clippings and some other items. Your challenge is to use at least 5 different items (that came with the book) in your art. Try to be creative, you may alter the clippings in anyway that you wish, the goal here is to make some great art with a little of nothing. Before passing along the journal please add 5 (or however many of the items you used) items back to the bag so there is always enough items being passed along with the journal. If anybody wants to tackle the cover I don’t mind if it is altered.

When completed please contact me, BM ID: mspeegle

– Melissa

More Images:

This journal has been kept by an inactive and unresponsive Bookmoocher.

2 Responses

  1. I cant wait to see this book. What little things did you use inside?

  2. This one is looking really good!

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