Cliches of Life

What exactly is a Cliché? According to many a dictionary, is considered “An expression that is so often used that it has lost its original power of use.” This interactive journal has a familiar cliché on each and every page, along with its’ true meaning.

The purpose of this journal is for you to make up your own meaning! Make us smile, make us laugh, make us cry, or simply make us wonder Where in heaven’s name you could have come up with such an idea! (LOL)

This is your time to share with your Bookmooch friends What a unique thought process you have when it comes to clichés.

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up. Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it.

When this journal is full, please send it back to Debbie Hoggan (Bookmooch ID: hogganclan)


This journal appears to be stalled.

More images:

as a slideshow:

and as stills:

Pg 1, Pg 2, Pg 3, Pg 4, Pg 5a, Pg 5b

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