Newbies of BookMooch

This is a new journal dedicated to being a newbie on BookMooch! Everyone has seen some comic behavior or as I have been the comic newbie. This book will be donated to BookMooch leader Jon Buckman to use to promote BookMooch activities and help new members.

There will be donation forms in the latter part of the journal to allow you to participate in giving some of your worldly advise to BookMooch or to opt out of sharing your story. Opting out is not encouraged but totally up to you.

Fill the pages with fun, comics, drawings, art related to new mooching, stories or hints for new members. This is to celebrate my 200th friend on BookMooch and how much friends mean in a vast world of books in a lovely environment such as BookMooch.

International mooching is mandatory (so either be willing to locate an angel)or send the journal internationally in the spirit of BookMooch. Newbie participation is greatly encouraged. Hey! I think I am still considered a newbie so if I can do it, any newbie can! *grins*

Have fun most of all. Do whatever talent you have and know whatever it is will be considered wonderful! Create, smile, have fun!

Please try to complete and pass this journal on within 2 weeks (including delivery and creative time). Once the little book of wealth is almost finished with your worldly experience or comic adventures, please pass it on. Once it is almost complete, please contact me: BM ID ArtsyAngel2007 so I may mooch this book and send on to our leader and friend. I am so excited to see what everyone does! Have as much fun doing this as I did planning it 🙂


This journal appears never to have been sent out due to the owner having a bad accident. Her account has been closed.

This journal appears never to have been issued.

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