What’s Your Top 3?

The idea came from a game played by co-workers to help pass the time while working. One worker would say ‘top 3 ____’ and another would answer with his/her top 3 then say ‘what do you got?’ and the creator of the list would list his/her top 3.

For the journal project, here is how it will work
1. READ – the top 3 list of the last entry

2. RESPOND – to that topic with your top 3
-Please don’t flame the previous person if you don’t agree.
-You might want to email the last user with your response.

3. CREATE – your own topic and your top 3 (or bottom 3, or best 3, or worst 3 etc.) 3 for it.
-Please make a list that is subjective
-Have fun! Add as much or as little art work to prove your point.
-Use count down; list #3, #2, and your #1.
-When the book is mooched from you, please email your topic to the next moocher. This will give them time to compose a response to your top 3.
-Feel free to list a FEW honorable mentions

When full please contact me ID- nedbudge.


More images:

as a slideshow:

and as stills:

Pg 1, Pg 2, Pg 3, Pg 4, Pg 5, Pg 6

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